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Bus Stops and School Boundaries

School bus transportation is a cooperative effort involving transportation staff, schools, parents, students and the community.  The Meridian School District safely transports an average of 13400 students per day to 50 different schools on 270 buses.  Each year our buses cover an average of over 3 million miles and use approximately 400,000 gallons of fuel.   The mission of the transportation department is to provide safe, efficient, and enjoyable access to learning in a manner that contributes in a positive way to the overall academic success of the students of this district.

Bus Stop Locator

The bus stop locator is a service that allows the user to enter an address and find the nearest bus stops for the elementary, middle, and high schools that students attend who live at that address.  The locator also allows the user to reference the attendance area maps for the district's neighborhood schools.  A few notes about the locator:

1. Only enter the address number and street name.  Do not enter the City, State or Zip Code
2. The bus stop locator will only name the neighborhood school.  Students attending choice schools ride the bus to their neighborhood school and then ride by shuttle to the choice school.
3. The locator calculates walk zones based on distance from the school, but does not calculate safety conditions that might result in safety busing being provided.  If you believe that you live within 1.5 miles of your school but receive busing because of unsafe walking conditions, check the walk zone maps provided further down on this page.

The maps and data used in the school and bus stop locator are based on the most recent data available to Joint School District No. 2.  Joint School District No. 2 makes no warranty or guarantee as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of the information contained in the data or maps.  The user is encouraged to check with Joint School District No. 2 if he/she has any concerns, questions, or doubts about the information provided.


To verify school attendance areas, call 208-855-4500

To verify bus route or bus stop information, call 208-855-4440

The following are links to maps of the district showing the attendance areas for the district's elementary, middle, and high schools:
 Elementary Schools
 Middle Schools
 High Schools

The following link will display a list of walk zone maps for each of the district schools.  The areas in yellow indicate neighborhoods that are within walking distance of school as defined by state law and safety guidelines.

Walk Zone Maps

Safety Tips



 Bus Stop/Route Change: Request a change to your bus stop or route.


Bus Safety Rules: This is a copy of the rules that are posted on all busses


 Bus Conduct: from the Transportation Policies and Procedures Manual
 Student Discipline: from the Transportation Policies and Procedures Manual


Transportation Office:  855-4440
Transportation Supervisor:   Brenda Saxton

Driver Trainer/Supervisors:
Chris Anderson – Rocky Mountain H.S. and surrounding schools
David Priest – Mountain View H.S. and surrounding schools south
Beth Shirts – Eagle H.S. and surrounding schools
Sue Anne Smith
 – Centennial H.S. and surrounding schools
Jeff Fenner– Meridian H.S. and surrounding schools


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