Joint School District No. 2; Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star

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 Joplin Elementary

12081 W De Meyer Street
Boise, ID 83713
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Phone: (208) 855-4345
Fax: (208) 855-4354

Principal: Debbie Gourley
Melanie Martin

Enrollment: 390
Capacity: 428

Joplin Elementary

About Us

Joplin Elementary is a one-of-a-kind neighborhood school.  It creates and maintains a nurturing and supportive learning environment, establishes high behavior and academic standards, and creates a broader safety net for all children and families.  Additionally, Joplin strives to prioritize Common Core State Standards and to clearly communicate to students daily instructional targets and objectives.  Teachers collect and maintain data on student learning, and data is used to plan and adjust instruction for all students. 

To continually recognize and support students’ individual academic and social needs, students participate in differentiated instructional groups to maximize learning opportunities and promote student achievement, proficiency and growth. Daily planning for differentiated instruction allows for students to extend their own learning regardless of current levels of performance.    

Joplin Elementary is committed to maintaining a school that is safe and secure.  Safety drills are carefully and routinely practiced. Bully proofing instruction and activities are provided across grade levels.  Positive behavior interventions and Love and Logic techniques, along with character education, set and reinforce expectations for appropriate behavior. 

What Makes Joplin Special?

Relationships - Teachers, staff, students and families value positive interactions and demonstrate genuine warmth, care, and respect. 

Traditions – Joplin is strongly grounded in school traditions.  Wild West Night, Holiday Happenings, Read Night, Science Fair, and many other school events allow students and families to stay connected beyond typical school hours and feel a meaningful association within our community.

Character Education – Character banners are posted on pillars outside of our school.  Every month, school announcements, class activities, and All School Openings focus on a specific character trait.  Nine character traits are studied in a school year.

All School Opening- Twice a month, students and staff assemble in the gym for an assembly.  Students receive character education and are recognized for demonstrating good character.  Birthdays are celebrated, as well as other important highlights shared to promote a strong school community.   

Professional Development – Teachers actively seek professional development opportunities to maintain high standards of professional practice.  Currently, teachers are involved in Keeping Learning On Track (KLT), Improving Teachers’ Monitoring of Learning (ITML), as well as other on-going trainings to promote successful implementation of Common Core Standards and the application of data driven instruction.

Walking Program- Students log "Walking Miles" for awards and special rewards in the spring.

Chess Club- Students may participate in weekly after school chess classes.

Activities - Students may participate in grade specific, or multi-grade specific, activities:  Student Council, Speed Jumpers, Crossing Guards, and Orchestra. 

Our School’s Mission Statement:

To ensure high levels of learning for ALL students!

Our School’s Goal:

To drive students to new levels of achievement & use decision driven data collection to drive school improvement.

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