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Schwartz, Don

Mr. Schwartz

Lake Hazel Middle School

Welcome to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

English 6: Literature & Composition

School Year: 2013-2014

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CCSS (Common Core State Standards) 

English Language Arts 6A/6B

Mr. Schwartz

School Year: 2013-2014

*Students have homework each night for 30-45 minutes per afternoon/evening, depending on the amount of homeowork from other classes. I would like students to read for pleasure for 20-30 minutes. (Reading at school in content area textbooks/pleasure books counts toward that total. This year our classes are doing the Book It program and students need to read 400 minutes per month, which works out to be about 13 minutes per day; seven days per week. That should be a very doable goal. The best way to improve reading proficiency is to read together with parents, and discuss the book as you read. Having two copies of the same book with one reader who reads and the other reader folllows along, switching back and forth.

  Be sure to check the left hand navigation part of the website under Schwartz, Don. There is a page called Calendar and Assignments/Information. I will keep these updated as much as possible, however, please understand that not all assignments and notifications may make it to the calendar.

Question of the Week:

Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho stands how high?

Hint: In feet.



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