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Kindergartners learn by experiencing and doing. The kindergarten program focuses on instruction that builds a strong basis for enabling each student to be a thinker and doer.

In Language Arts, Kindergarteners will focus on concepts of print which include directionality and parts of a book.  A big instructional focus is on gaining phonemic awareness.  Examples of skills include: identifying and producing words which rhyme, blending sounds to form words, and identifying sounds in words. Kindergarten students will identify upper and lowercase letters, produce the sounds each one makes, and read at least 26 high-frequency words.  Through rich literature, Kindergarteners will learn new vocabulary words and use picture clues to gain meaning from text.  Students will have initial experiences in writing as they produce stories together as a class.  The Waterford Early Reading Program is an engaging digital curriculum resource that provides direct instruction focused on the essential skills that children need to become successful readers. This three-level curriculum integrates classroom based assessments, instructional activities, and aligned materials to encourage explicit and systematic instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

Mathematics instruction for Kindergarten students focuses on five big ideas.  Students will develop an understanding of representing, ordering and comparing whole numbers.  They will develop an initial understanding of addition and subtraction through the joining and separating of sets.  Kindergarteners will order objects by measurable attributes and describe shapes in the environment.  Lastly, students will describe relative position(s) and orientation of objects.

In Science, students in Kindergarten will begin to use their five senses to make observations and collect data about the world.  In Physical Science, they will learn that matter can be described using the five senses and they will classify matter as living or non-living.  In Life Science, Kindergarteners will learn that plants and animals have different characteristics.  Lastly, in Earth Science, students learn that there are four seasons that have distinct characteristics in Idaho.  

Kindergarten Social Studies instruction includes three big units: Safe and Responsible Citizens, All About Me and What I Can Be, and My Country and Its Celebrations.

In Music, Kindergarten students will learn about rhythmic patterns, melody, and harmony by exploring music from many cultures and perform for others.  They will experience music through a jungle adventure.

In the Visual Arts, Kindergarteners will learn about the elements of art and the principles of design.

In Health, students will learn concepts and skills that will contribute to healthy, productive lives.

In PE, Kindergarten students will explore and participate in games and activities that encourage fitness.


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