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Professional-Technical Programs

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Professional-Technical Education (PTE)

Professional-Technical (PT) Program classes taught at each of the three tech centers are simply “off campus” home high school classes; therefore, students must register for these PT classes through their home high school during Spring Registration. These special career training classes are listed under "Specials" in the registration software program.  Only students who register to take a Dennis Tech Center class (a Boise School District center), must complete an application.  Application forms will be provided to those students after the registration process is complete.  The form provides additional information and requires a parent/guardian signature.  Once the application is published, additional copies can be found under "PT Centers" (look for a link in the "Dennis Tech Center" section). Additional questions can be answered by reading through the FAQs provided. (see a list of PT menu items along the left-hand side of this webpage)


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PTE Funding and History

The mission of Professional-Technical Education (PTE) in Joint District No. 2  is to provide our youth with the technical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a highly effective workplace.  We have many exciting PTE program classes in our district that are delivered in the middle schools, high schools and at our technical centers.  To learn more, review the menu item links (at left) under the heading Professional-Technical Programs.

What are professional-technical (PT) magnet program?
Professional-Technical (PT) magnet programs are high-end sequenced career-training classes that lead to industry certifications, college credit, and feature internship experiences for students. Professional-technical magnet programs are designed to serve students attending multiple high school attendance zones. Students travel to and from their home high school to one of three technical centers. Transportation is provided (few exceptions apply). Watch the short video above to learn about the exciting PT options available to students in our district!

Does PT coursework prepare students for college or career?
Both! Given today's workforce demands, it is important for high school students to understand that at some point an individual will need to have some form of postsecondary training to secure a job that pays a meaningful income. Postsecondary education includes technical schools, community colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, military training, formal on-the-job training and more. Our school district offers a career training jump start to students by partnering with industry leaders and educational institutions to create PT class content as well as provide specialized equipment so students can learn in-demand skills, participate in internships in a local community businesses, and earn industry certifications and college credits (at a cost savings) while completing high school!

Professional-Technical Education (PTE) Facts:

  • • 60% of students who complete a PTE high school program enroll in college, compared to 44% of the general student population.

  • • 88% of students who completed a PTE college program went on to a training-related job, were in the military or, pursued additional education.

  • • Nearly all of Idaho’s high school students enrolled in at least one professional-technical education course.

  • • In the 2008 Idaho Public Policy Survey, 92% of the respondents agreed that high school student should be offered more opportunities to take classes for a specific career. Eighty-six percent agreed more technical college programs are needed.

  • • Over 50,000 adults participated in short-term training classes to improve their job skills through Idaho’s technical colleges.

  • • According to the Idaho Career Information System which covers 97% of Idaho’s labor force, if you sort on “wages equal to or greater than $3,000/month” and “length of training equal to three months or less after high school” it reduces the number of occupations available by 90%.
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