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School Choice SES

School Choice and SES in schools identified for improvement

Each year, all schools are required to reach goals in reading, math and language as well as goals for participation on the tests. The results of assessments, both in schoolwide populations and in specific subgroups, are used to determine whether a school is making adequate yearly progress, also known as AYP.

During the summer, assessment data is used to determine which schools have been identified by the state as in need of improvement. Once those schools are identified, letters are sent home to parents offering the choice of one or more schools not identified as in need of improvement. The more targets a school has the harder it is to make AYP. Not all schools have the same programs and as such do not have the same targets to meet and one small subgroup of students may adversely affect AYP. Using AYP data alone does not provide an equitable comparison between schools. A full report on school assessment data is available at and provides information on how schools within the district compares with other schools in Meridian and in the state. This report card is also available at your school, district office or from the Idaho State Department of Education at

If your school is identified as a Title I school in school improvement status, you will receive a letter approximately two weeks before school starts informing you that your child is eligible to transfer to one of two Schools of Choice. If you do not receive this letter, your child’s school is not a Title I school identified as in need of improvement. If you choose to transfer your child, please be aware of the following:

• The district will provide or pay for transportation to and from your child’s Choice School as long as your child’s home school is a school identified for improvement.  If your child’s home school meets achievement goals for two straight years, it will no longer be in school improvement status.
• Your child will be allowed to remain at the new school until he/she completes the highest grade. If your child’s home school leaves school improvement status, however, transportation will no longer be provided by the district.
• If funds are not available for all students to be transported, priority for transportation will be given to lowest-achieving, low-income students.
• If it is not possible to fulfill all requests for choice, priority for first choice will be given to lowest-achieving, low-income students.

The following are the number of students who were eligible and the number of students who took advantage of school choice.


# Students Eligible

# Actually Transfering
















Title I Schools in Improvement Providing Choice 

 Schools In Improvement

Schools of Choice

 1. Summerwind Eagle
Seven Oaks
2. Meridian Elementary Peregrine
3. Desert Sage Silver Sage
Mary McPherson
4. Gateway

Seven Oaks

5. Chief Joseph Peregrine
6. Ustick Seven Oaks
Silver Sage
7. Linder Peregrine
8. Fontier Eagle
Seven Oaks


If you decide not to transfer your child, he/she will be provided with the services of a schoolwide Title I program and may be eligible to participate in a free after-school tutoring program called Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  One of the eligibility requirements are students must be from low-income families.  Eligible low income families will receive a letter with additional information about how to apply for SES in early September.

Our district is working hard with schools to offer the best support to students in math, reading and language arts. We have implemented a system- wide intervention program, provided academic coaches for our teachers, provided extensive professional development training for staff, and increased parent involvement activities. We encourage you to help by being involved in your child’s education and the school’s educational opportunities. Your school will send home numerous letters and announcements throughout the year about participation and learning opportunities for parents and students. Please call your school if you would like more information or to become a part of your school’s leadership team.


SES was offered in Joint School District No. 2 for the first time in the 2009/2010 school year.
Of 2673 qualifying students, 311 students took part in SES programs. 


Federal Law and No Child Left Behind Act
Under federal law and the No Child Left Behind Act, schools which have not met annual proficiency targets in identified subgroups for more than two years must provide either Supplemental Educational Services (SES) or school choice to targeted students. 

The following schools are eligible for Supplemental Educational Services under No Child Left Behind: Linder, McMillan, Desert Sage, and Meridian Middle. Currently 327 of the 350 available slots have been filled. If you feel you may be eligible for SES and your child attends one of these schools, please contact your school office.

If you believe that your student may be eligible for free tutoring, consult the list of approved vendors:

 Approved Vendor List

For more information please contact the 
Federal Programs department of Joint School District No. 2 at

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