Joint School District No. 2; Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star

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Rebound School of Opportunity


1450 East Watertower St

Suite 110

Meridian, ID  83642

(208)350-5232(office)  (208)350-5179(fax)


What Is Rebound?

Rebound School of Opportunity provides students options to retrieve and earn credits

toward graduation. The open entry and exit process provides self-paced and

individualized instuction for academic growth. Rebound promotes self worth, respect,

and academic achievement in a safe and caring environment. Rebound offers a

comprehensive educational program aimed at helping students receive their Joint School

District No. 2 Diploma.


Rebound has flexible scheduling allowing students to sign up throughout the year and

work at their own pace to finish classes. All classes are given in an educational

setting with trained facilitators to assist students.



How Do I Enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling at Rebound School of Opportunity, contact an

administrator at your local high school to coordinate the registration process.


When Are Classes?

Rebound sessions run in 9-week time blocks throughout the regular school year, night

school and summer break. Students typically earn one credit in three weeks or two

credits in six weeks.  Rebound School of Opportunity offers morning and afternoon

sessions that run in four hour increments. Summer sessions are also available.



Rebound School of Opportunity 

1450 E. Watertower Street Suite 110

Meridian, Idaho 83642

208-350-5232 (P)

208-350-5179 (f) 

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