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Award Winning Teachers Staff News - 5/19/2011 12:14 PM

Wilson was originally selected as the Centennial High School Teacher of the Year, but in the process she was spotlight for her excellence, passion for teaching, and dedication to her students.  Wilson has been in education now for 27 years, with the last four years at Centennial High.  Wilson teaches Government, AP US History and is the advisor for the Political Action Club, and Youth Legislature.

“I love sharing with students the passion for civics and really hope to inspire them to take part in democracy,” Wilson said.  “I want to help them learn how to be a part of it, to deliberate, to be in positions of leadership in government.”

While Wilson is modest about receiving the award, her fellow teachers and administrators recognize the service Wilson gives to her students and the time she puts in to teaching the students how to think for themselves.  There was no surprise from her colleagues when she was named the District Teacher of the Year. 

Wilson said some of her crowning moments as a teacher are when she has students come in to tell her they voted or are participating in some form of community government.  She knows that when you’re in teaching it isn’t for the money, but something far more valuable.

“There is something gratifying about teaching,” Wilson said. “You hear students talking about what they’re going to do and their future plans, and that’s why you keep teaching.”

Throughout the district many teachers and employees deserve recognition.  We want to congratulate all who earned recognition this year.  Below are listed the Teachers of the Year for each school as well as the Classified Employees of the Year from each building. 

Building Teachers of the Year:

Andrus Elementary-Shari Carter; Chaparral Elementary-Joni Leipf; Chief Joseph Elementary-Jill Tittsworth; Christine Donnell School of the Arts-Frith Stevenson; Desert Sage Elementary-Kim Burton; Discovery Elementary-Caryn Walters; Eagle Elementary School of the Arts-John Ursillo; Eagle Hills Elementary-Janie Hymas; Frontier Elementary-Kevin Gifford; Galileo Math & Science Magnet-Charlene Haggard; Gateway School of Language and Culture-Judie Bradburn; Hunter Elementary-AdriAnn Rasmussen; Joplin Elementary-Kathy Werner; Lake Hazel Elementary-Michelle Roach; Linder Elementary-Wendy  Snyder; Mary McPherson Elementary-Julie Barber; Meridian Elementary-Julie Strickler; Paramount Elementary-Lindsay Rodriguez; Pepper Ridge Elementary-Tina Dean; Peregrine Elementary-April Kolman; Pioneer School of the Arts-Gwen Mitchell; Ponderosa Elementary-Susan Ward; Prospect Elementary-Buffy Roberts; River Valley Elementary-Julianne Negus; Seven Oaks Elementary-Terilyn Bell; Siena K-8-Penny Alevizon; Silver Sage Elementary-Donna Henry; Spalding Elementary-Kristi Stom; Star Elementary-Madonna Ranae Smith;  Summerwind School of Math and Science-Julie Helms; Ustick Elementary-Judy L. Rahn-McConnell; Crossroads Middle-Lisa Croft; Eagle Middle-Becky Coulter; Heritage Middle-Katie Rutan; Lake Hazel Middle-Jennifer Levanger; Lewis & Clark Middle-Sarah Suggs; Lowell Scott Middle-Jen Carlsen; Meridian Middle-Julie Bradshaw; Pathways Middle-Tami Bromley; Sawtooth Middle-Rawdy Rollins; Centennial High-Cindy Wilson; Central Academy-Mandy Moncur; Eagle Academy-Jo Dawn Gourneau; Eagle High-Bob Brunzell; Meridian Academy-Caleb Mattravers; Meridian High-Carrie Nawrocki; Mountain View High-Anna Daley; Renaissance High-Malcolm Collie; Rocky Mountain High-Katie Lamm.

District Classified Employee of the Year:  Jennifer Merritt

Classified Employees of the Year: 

Andrus Elementary-Evelyn Johnson; Chaparral Elementary-Paula Newkirk; Chief Joseph Elementary-Lisa Buckley; Christine Donnell School of the Arts-Priscilla Robinson; Desert Sage Elementary-Christa Bell; Discovery Elementary-Vicki Pill; Eagle Elementary School of the Arts-Brenda Green; Eagle Hills Elementary-Rosanne Harryman; Frontier Elementary-Vickie Hamrick; Galileo Math & Science Magnet-Antonio Alvarado; Gateway School of Language and Culture-Anita Booher; Hunter Elementary-Tom Hartman; Joplin Elementary-Susie Wantulok; Lake Hazel Elementary-Jacque Snooks; Linder Elementary-Lisa Caviness; Mary McPherson Elementary-Rubie Gallegos; Meridian Elementary-Robert Dransfield; Paramount Elementary-Kris Ryals; Pepper Ridge Elementary-Vickie Gearhart; Peregrine Elementary-Jeanne Taylor; Pioneer School of the Arts-Joan Smith; Ponderosa Elementary-Jessica LoCicero; Prospect Elementary-Bitia E. Carr; River Valley Elementary-Kadifa Huremovic; Seven Oaks Elementary-Sherryl Likes; Siena K-8-Maria Prado; Silver Sage Elementary-Christa Poncia; Spalding Elementary-Aimee Robertson;  Summerwind School of Math and Science-Kristi Wilson; Ustick Elementary-Rodney S. Plumley; Crossroads Middle-Julie Henthorn; Eagle Middle-Lauri Morton; Heritage Middle-Joanie Contreras; Lake Hazel Middle-Jennifer Merritt; Lewis & Clark Middle-Tana Bovee; Lowell Scott Middle-Betty Anderson; Meridian Middle-Sonya Farnham; Pathways Middle-Courtney Serra; Sawtooth Middle-Kenny Doke; Centennial High-Valerie Winsor; Central Academy-Rob Taylor; Eagle Academy-Veldana Huremovic; Eagle High-Kim Tiedeken; Meridian Academy-Julie Kindall; Meridian High-Jana Hansen; Mountain View High-Greg Goul; Renaissance High-Alicia Peterson; Rocky Mountain High-Kerri Fowler;  Transportation-Bunny Malmin; Maintenance-Scott Reed; District Service Center-Doni Owens.