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21st Century Skills Webinars

21st Century Skills Webinars

You may need headsets.
You may want to make the videos full screen (click on the four arrows to make the video larger). 
If you have any issues with this training, Bernadette Sexton, Tammy Neptune and Pam Juel will be available to help. 


I. Idaho's ICT Standards
(New ICT Standards for ID, adopted January 2011) 


II. Wordle


III. Efficient Google Searching


IV. YouTube


V. ViewPure and Tube Chop

  • ViewPure -- Use ViewPure website to view YouTube videos without comments or "related videos"
  • TubeChop -- Use Tube Chop to select a specific segment of a YouTube video
  • How to Use TubeChop -- (1:50 minutes) video demonstration of Tube Chop


VI. Google Docs

VII. Google Forms

VIII. Google Sites & Linking Your Google Site to PowerSchool
(series of videos created by Kate Stucker, a teacher in our district)


IX. Email--Outlook Web Apps 2010
(note: we are not updating to Office 2010, but are updating to OWA 2010)


X. Editing Graphics and Using Zamzar to convert file types


XI. Google Lit Trips


XII. Google Earth


XIII. ePub
(ePub is a file format for ebooks that allows searching and linking within the text, scaling the text, and bookmarking. You might want to convert a file to epub format so you can view it on an ereader device such as an iPad, Kindle or Nook. Note: You can also view a pdf document on those devices, but in pdf format, you can't change the text size, etc.)


XIV. QR Codes
(Those little boxy bar codes that are being used for a wide variety of applications)


XV. Office 2007 Training (choose Office 2207 training modules)


 XVI. Cloud Computing

XVII. Khan Academy
(use this as a classroom tool or as links on your website, so students have access to a "tutor" at home)

  • Khan Academy -- (20:05 minutes) video: Sal Khan speaking about what Khan Academy is and how it started.
  • -- Videos lessons about various curriculum topics, primarily math, but also includes biology, brain teasers, chemistry, astronomy, economics, finance, history, and physics.
  • At this time the district is not set up to manage every student having a gmail account- students and teachers can use Khan Academy without a gmail account. To the best of our knowledge, Google Accounts do not meet FERPA standards, and because of this teachers cannot create Gmail accounts for their students, parents however may create these accounts for their children.  Google also requires students to be 13 to have an account.

XVIII. Library of Congress
(LOC has an extensive collection of primary sources, lesson plans and learning activities)

XVIX. Photosynth
(Photosynth is a photo technology that "stitches together" individual photos to create panoramic displays)

XX. Bing
(MicroSoft search engine)

XXI.  Infographics
(Understanding "data visualization" and how it enhances education)

XXII. Subscription Databases
(digital collections of reference  and research quality resources)

To use these with students, go to your school's library home page: from the district home page, choose the Student tab, then Library Resources, then choose your school. You need passwords to access these databases at home. Training resources are linked on the Library Wiki.

Database about countries, cultures, statistics: 

Database about books (authors, illustrators, multimedia, discussion guides): 

eBook Collections:

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (collections vary per school so use the link on your school's library home page!); Support and Training Links

XXIII. Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom

XXIV. Educational Video Sources

XXV. Online Presentation Tools
(PowerPoint on steroids!)

  • Prezi -- create a nonlinear, animated presentation
  • Prezi Cheat Sheet -- Tips and Tricks for Prezi
  • VoiceThread -- create a presentation that facilitates interaction with other students 
  • Animoto - create an animated slide show
  • -- create and share a digital poster with links to digital content
  • Read.Write.Think Printing Press -- online tool for creating a newspaper, booklet, flyer or brochure
  • Tikatok -- create a digital book; can order($) a print or digital copy
  • Kerpoof -- create and share an animated movie
  • XXVI. Computable Document Format (CDF) (NEW)

Wolfram Launches PDF Killer




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