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The student enrollment in Joint School District No. 2 has increased 50% over the last 10 years. Enrollment is projected to increase by another 15,000 students over the next decade. Today, there are 12,000 platted home sites across the district. Once they are built and sold, these homes will generate an additional 9,600 students.

Enrollment growth has placed tremendous demands on our schools. Since 2000, the district has opened 8 elementary schools, three middle schools, one alternative middle school, two high schools, and one alternative high school. In the past ten years, the district has opened schools at a faster pace than any district in the history of the state of Idaho. With an additional 1,000 students per year projected to move into the district, this rate of new school construction is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.


The district operates 31 elementary schools, each strategically located through the 384 square mile district. These schools range in size from 320 to 750 students. The buildings vary in age, with the oldest being 50 years old and the newest having opened last school year. However, the district’s older facilities are all well maintained and have been periodically remodeled over the years to improve efficiency, safety and comfort.


The district's nine middle schools serve as a bridge for pre-adolescents as they move from elementary to high school. A team approach is used in core classes at grade six to ease the transition from the elementary classroom. Academic emphasis is placed on refinement of basic skills through instruction in traditional subjects such as language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science. The curriculum in middle school is expanded to include more opportunities to pursue the fine arts and other elective choices. The middle schools are committed to providing students with an educational experience that prepares them academically, physically, and socially for successful high school years.


Academic excellence is the focus at the district’s nine high schools. All offer a full academic program with courses in basic skills and college-preparatory skills. Intensive instruction in the liberal arts and technical areas prepare high school students for the best colleges and universities as well as for today’s work force. Meridian Academy and Eagle Academy, the district’s alternative high schools, provide opportunities for at-risk students. Meridian, Centennial, Eagle, Mountain View and Rocky Mountain High Schools are all 5-A classification for athletic competition and other competitive programs such as music, drama, and debate. They have a rich tradition of winning regional and state championships and are often recognized for outstanding achievement in music and the arts. Students develop leadership skills through a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities.


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