Joint School District No. 2; Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star

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 Willow Creek Elementary


6195 N. Long Lake Way
Meridian, ID 83646
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Phone: (208) 350-4410

Principal: Melanie Koch

Willow Creek Elementary








Upcoming Events:


April 4-18-Krsipy Kreme Fundraiser-- Presale as many cards as you can and return the money and order form on the 18th to the classroom teacher.

April 1-May 20-STEM Club either after school or at lunch depending on class

April 16- No School (Subway delivery on the 17th)

April 18- IRI for all students

April 21 and 28- 2nd grade MAP testing

April 25- District Art Show at the District Office; Subway orders are due for May (no late orders can be accepted this month)

April 30- Birthday celebration

May 6- Willow Creek Way Assembly 9:30 and PTA at 6:30

May 26- No school

June 2- Field Day in the afternoon

June 3- End of Year assembly; Kindergarten Promotion

June 4- Last day of school/Full day

August 14- Roaring Springs Day


Our Mission Statement:

 A student-centered community focused on 21st century skills and lifelong learning. 

 What are 21st century skills?


·         Ways of thinking. Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning

·         Ways of working. Communication and collaboration

·         Tools for working. Information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy

·         Skills for living in the world. Citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility

·         Collaborative problem-solving. Working together to solve a common challenge, which involves the contribution and exchange of ideas, knowledge or resources to achieve the goal.

·         ICT literacy — learning in digital networks. Learning through digital means, such as social networking, ICT literacy, technological awareness and simulation. Each of these elements enables individuals to function in social networks and contribute to the development of social and intellectual capital.


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